Working hours are from 10am till 6pm. Any extra time will be charged at £35 per hour. Overtime is available at our discretion.

Any additional file preparation/transfer, CD burning will be included in booked studio hours .


Any enquiry via our website or by telephone will be provisionally booked for up to 5 days. Within that time the client must provide a 25% deposit.scretion.

Once we have received payment the booking will be confirmed with you.

Informing us of changes

We need up to 2 weeks notice for any changes to bookings.

If you give us less than two weeks notice we may, at our discretion, levy a charge of 20% of your total session cost against potential loss of business.


Unless otherwise agreed, the final balance must be paid in full by at the end of the session.

Recordings shall remain the property of Mwnci Studios until the full balance is paid.

For bookings over 7 days we may ask you to agree to a staggered payment schedule.

We will not release any audio recordings or master copies to you until the final balance has been received. We will however provide 192kbs mp3’s for your assessment.

Stems/Master Copies

The term master copy refers to the set of unprocessed, multi-track files (in .wav format) that relate to a single song. Unless specifically requested, the quote for your session will not include the master copies of your work.

If you wish to retain master copies of your work you must provide an external hard drive. Transfer times will be included in session time.

We will not release any audio recordings or master copies to you until the final balance has been received. We will, however, provide 192kbs mp3’s for your assessment.

Project Backups 

We will archive all project files when your session is complete. These files can be reloaded from that archive at any point in the future. We cannot guarantee the integrity of that archive

Project backups can be transferred to a suitable drive to be supplied by the client. Transfer times to be included in the session.


Damages incurred outside general wear-and-tear will be payable by the client.

Costs incurred due to cleaning beyond normal housekeeping in the studio shall be payable by the client at our discretion.