Clients include: Part Chimp, Hey Colossus, Mark Lanegan, Henry Blacker, Rock Action Records, Rocket Records, Sick Ones, Riot Season Records, Battle Worldwide Recordings, Alkahest, Van Der Graaf Generator, Empire, The Hics, Splurge, David 9 Lunas, Pohl, Dynamite Pussy Club, Sergeant Thunderhoof, Montroze, Leathers,  Ghost Of The Avalanche, My Name Is Ian, Empty Pools, JD Meatyard, Hazel Winter, Alimony Hustle, The Flux Capacitors, Little Blue Wolf, Cannonball Statman, Worry, Hidden Kong, Culture Shock, The Bare Souls, Chronos, RedShift, Encyclopedia, HAG, Casino, Pretty Little Enemy, Maxi Rai, Goatorcycle, Design, The Chesterfields, Jack Cookson, The Weary Band, Pup Tent, Peter O’Donnell, John D Revelator, Leathers, KM Records

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