The in-house engineers at Axe & Trap Studios provide online mixing services to get your track to that next level. If you’re looking to bring your multi-track session to its full potential, or just looking to get your track to sound like it belongs it the top ten. Get in touch with us so we can discuss how to do it.

Using the highest professional equipment and the latest in digital software, we can take your track to the next level.

Ben is best known for his production and mixing work with Part Chimp, Hey Colossus and SickOnes. Although he does a lot of heavier music as a multi instrumentalist he also has a strong indie and electronic history, musically and in the studio.

To speak to Ben about EP or album projects he can be contacted directly at info@benturnerproducer.com or go to benturnerproducer.com.

Credits: Henry Blacker, Part Chimp, Hey Colossus, SickOnes, Rock Action Records, Rocket Records, Bubble Wrap Collective, Riot Season Records, Van Der Graaf Generator, Pohl, My Name Is Ian, Chang, The Run Up, Empty Pools, JD Meatyard, Leathers, Evil Owl, Sergeant Thunderhoof.

To find out more go to alexhurr.com.

Working with: Ninja Tune Records, McCann, BBC Bristol/Introducing, IMPULSE,  Bristol Plays Music, First Publishing Ltd/Aux Studios

Credits: Jack Cookson, Jamie Cruickshank, High Climbers, Beyond Rivers. Paraorchestra and Friends (Charles Hazelwood), The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, My Name Is Ian, Red Ray and the Reprobates, SCALPING, Amy Yonn, Hoxton Whores.

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