Control room

Our control room boasts a great selection of analogue outboard and FX equipment, all patched in and ready for getting your ideas down quickly.


To see what we’ve got in the control room, take at look at our Gear page.



Room A

Our live room is 7 meters by 4 meters. The perfect space for drum tracking, full-band recordings to small orchestral work.

An apex ceiling increases the height to 3m towards the back of the room. A natural oak wood floor creates the perfect environment for acoustic instruments such as drums, guitars, woodwind and brass. The live room is also home to our 1920’s Beckhardt  baby grand piano. 

Connections to the control room are provided by 24x XLR ins and 8x XLR returns.

Room B

A smaller room. It’s perfect for tracking a close-miked drum kit, guitar amplifiers, vocals and voiceovers.

Room B is where we keep our array of vintage electric pianos, organs and amplifiers.

Connection to the control room is by 16x XLR ins, 2x XLR returns and 2x 1/4 inch jack returns for running out to external cabs.

Lounge Area

Our designated chill-out area has plenty of sofas, as well as a kitchenette with tea and coffee.

There’s plenty of mains and USB power for devices, free wi-fi, and books and magazines to glance at while you’re taking a break (or the drummer is still setting up). It also houses our kitchenette which has a fridge, microwave and dishwasher.

With mic tie lines to the control room and treated walls, The Study actually acts as our third recording space and can be used when extra space is needed, when you’re after a slightly ‘roomier’ sound or different vocal ‘vibe’.

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